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Nasal snuff bad for you?

April 26, 2010

Many people wanna know if whether nasal snuff is bad for one. Is it worse than smoking tobacco, or chewing it, or it is a good form of substitute for one who wants to quit smoking? Questions, questions, questions – and here is the answer!

Of course (hadn’t you understand already) snuff is bad. But is it worse than smoking? From some point of view – yes, too. But nasal snuff is free from combusting products and it is not acting so heavily on lungs.

People say that nasal snuff is also not addictive at all. Is it true? Let’s turn to the doctor’s point of view:

“Nasal snuff IS addictive. It poses a threat to those who are willing to get their nicotine dose without addiction and health damage. It’s certainly a great mistake”.

Nasal snuff, or swedish snuss, is addictive too. Just because it has nicotine containing in it – like any other “nicotine-positive” stuff, it can be replaced with nicotine substitute – but the point is that it forms certain addiction to nicotine.

So, again, nasal snuff is bad for health. It increases chances for different cancers, as well as for lung cancer. Nasal snuff can also be the cause of various problems with heart system and blood pressure.

Though we must say that snuff is called the safest form of tobacco use. Therefore switching from smoking cigarettes to snuff use will have benefits for health, while it is still better to quit tobacco addiction completely.

It’s worse saying that tobacco use both smoking and snuffing is very bad – if one smokes and uses snuff together it can lead to a great increase of chances for cancer, quitting addiction will also be not easy at all, and one will suffer from twice bigger health losses.

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